March 8, 2018

Connecticut– Talha Ahsan was set free by Bill Clinton appointed Chief Judge of the U.S. District Court Janet Hall, in Connecticut yesterday. He, along with Babar Ahmad, were both charged with conspiring to provide and providing equipment and personnel to the Taliban.

Ahsan was diagnosed with Asperger’ Syndrome while in custody.

The Counter Punch states that, Ahsan, British citizen of Bengali decent, was raised by immigrant parents who were practicing Muslims. Throughout his young adulthood he became impassioned with the history and teachings of Islam, focusing on the concept of Jihad-the religious duty of Muslims to “struggle in the way of Allah.” Having grown up in the 1990’s, Ahsan was engrossed with stories of Muslims being attacked and killed by foreigners on Muslim’s own European soil. 

To learn how best to defend his religion of choice he flew to Taliban-controlled Afghanistan for military training. Having flunked training he then spent March-August of 2001 as a mail clerk for a Azzam Publications, a website run by Ahmad. During that time he received a letter from a man calling himself “Hassan Abu-jihaad.” The letter contained classified information on the whereabouts of U.S navel ships. According to the article on Counter Punch, he had in no way solicited the letter. 

He was arrested in 2006 by Scotland Yard and after spending six years in British prison was extradited to Connecticut by order of the U.S. After another two years in a U.S. prison he was brought before Janet Hall who sentenced him to time served. He will soon be given over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement where he’ll be deported to London as a free man once again.

The original article on the Counter Punch website can be read here



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