Breaking Bad Star Invites Arron with Autism to Visit

Aaron Paul, Taken from Facebook

Aaron Paul, Taken from Facebook

Las Angeles, CA – Breaking Bad might be part of Aaron Paul’s most recognized work, but the actor himself in nothing but good. After learning about the media circus surrounding  the Floridan 16-year-old with Autism, Aaron Hill, Paul openly offered to have Hill and his family stay with him in one of the coolest letters ever written. As it appeared in

“Dear Aaron Hill, I am so sorry that this terrible tragedy has happened to you. I am at a loss for words. I don’t know you but my heart goes out to you and loved ones. Our door is always open to you and your family. Come out to LA and get away from it all and take a break. Let us take you to Disneyland or something. Our treat. Just let me know when it is good for you. Keep your head up. Your friend, Aaron.”

The terrible tragedy in question is a viral video of Hill being beaten up by another teen. Autism Daily Newscast reported on the story here. Since the video went viral many on Twitter and other hashtag capable social sites have been tagging posts with #JusticeForArron hoping officials will take action. So far two people have been arrested.. 

The original article posted by Joanna Crawley on the website can be read here