Brain Balance Acheivement centres revolutionise autism education


logoBrain Balance Achievement Centres are located in 58 places throughout the country with more being founded every day. The centres are focused on helping children reach their full potential with support from a specialized team. Children and families work with their centre to address  behaviour, academic and social challenges. Based on the results of a sensory motor examination and cognitive examination, an individualized program is tailored to address the needs of the individual child. The results are also used to help explain why there may be some weaknesses in certain areas while other academic or social areas are strengths. Each program includes sensory motor training, neuro-academic activity plans, and a nutrition plan.

Many people on the Autism Spectrum face specific sensory concerns such as issues with muscle tone, gross or fine motor skills, or sensitivities to odours or sounds. Brain Balance works to strengthen these areas of concern through specific activities such as aerobic exercise, synchronized dance, and many more activities specifically tailored to the needs of the individual.

Neuro-academic training is a combination of building academic skills as well as building cognitive skills like executive functioning. Areas of need are targeted to not just improve those specific skills, but also to stimulate development of the the parts of the brain controlling those areas. Brain Balance does not only look at the academic weaknesses, but also the strengths to help determine the best program.

As part of working with the whole child, nutrition is an important aspect of overall health. Many children can have food sensitivities or their food preferences can create deficiencies in important vitamins or minerals. Dietary problems can lead to major health conditions and prevent children from living full lives. Brain Balance helps to determine what the specific nutritional sensitivities are of each child and create an easy to follow nutritional plan to make sure each child is receiving the necessary nutrients.