Boy with Asperger’s syndrome called ‘a robot’ by teacher

Buldwell, Nottingham, UK – Lisa Cobb, a mother of 3, has told of how a teacher told her son, Tyreece 11, who has Asperger’s syndrome, that he is a  ‘robot’.

Ms Cobb, 32 believes that Rise Park Primary School has failed her son. In tears, he told his mother that his teacher remarked about his difficulties in showing emotions and that he is like a robot.

Ms Cobb wrote a letter of complaint to the school as well as the council’s education department, she said:

 “Tyreece told me that his teacher told him he doesn’t have any emotions, he doesn’t know if he is happy or sad, he needs to learn how to act and that he is like a robot.”

In early September the council launched its  “One Size Fits One” campaignwhose aim is to improve understanding surrounding autism as well as challenging stigma.

Executive assistant for schools, Sam Webster, said that the the council and school take on board parental concerns and do so seriously. She has also asked Ms Cobb to meet with teachers at the school in order to discuss her worries and concerns.

The local authority have declined to say what will happen to the teacher concerned.

 Nottingham City Council state that the school had an “outstanding” record of supporting pupils with disabilities.

The original article on the Nottingham Post website can be read here