Blind Tom: Civil War Slave and Autistic Savant

Blind TomColumbus, GA – During the 1850s Blind Tom who was a child pianist,gained the attention of people far and wide. During his lifetime, family and friends, fought for the right for him to earn money from his chosen career of playing the piano.  He died in 1908.

Tom was sadly born into slavery and was on the autism spectrum.

George R. Greene, who was a county judge in Tom’s hometown, sadly passed away last year, but he had spent many decades researching this musician’s interesting and varied life. Mr. Greene found many portraits of Tom, as well as concert advertisements and  sheet music for the songs that he had composed.

In February, the auction house, James D. Julia will be offering  Mr. Greene’s collection which has previously been displayed at a private history museum in Phenix City, Alabama.

Deirdre O’Connell, who is the author of The Ballad of Blind Tom, Slave Pianist writes in her book of how Tom was a autistic savant On The Blind Tom website she states: