Ava’s Law Faces Setbacks in Georgia

familyA bill known as Ava’s Law failed to pass again on the last day of last year’s session in the state of Georgia. The bill, named after 10 year-old Ava Bullard, would require insurance companies to cover therapies for children with autism.

The bill was hooked on to a popular medical marijuana bill by Sen. Renee Unterman (R-Buford) in the hopes of getting enough votes to pass. The attempt failed, resulting in the defeat of both bills when neither came up for a vote.

Proponents of the medical marijuana bill blamed the addition of Ava’s law for the loss.

The autism bill is opposed by those who believe it would add a financial burden to businesses. “It’s just a few key people opposing it. I feel like if (the autism bill) gets to the floor of the House, then it would pass overwhelmingly,” said Sen. Unterman.

In the meantime, families in Georgia are still without coverage, and advocates like Anna Bullard, Ava’s mother, will continue to lobby for the passage of the bill.