Autistic teen’s life improved by medical marijuana

Jimmy and Maria Ferris, Elmira , Oregon– House of Congress approved a bill allowing cities to “opt out” of marijuana dispensaries.

News Source 16 reports that now local governments control the opening hours and locations of medical marijuana stores in individual cities and counties.

Jimmy and Maria both say that marijuana treatment has dramatically improved the life of their son Kyle, 18 who has severe autism.

Jimmy said his son Kyle was unresponsive to most medications and suffered multiple seizures a day.

“I summed up the courage to ask his doctor about medicinal marijuana,”

They both agree that medicinal marijuana use has made positive changes in Kyle’s life.

Maria told of how he went from having 10 seizures a day to having none. He also started to communicate with them.

She added:

“He said ‘mama’. That was the most wonderful thing I’ve ever heard… I’d been hoping for that for 18 years.”

The parents told News Source 16 that Kyle has been going to the same neurologist since he was 3 months old.

“The last time that he saw the doctor he actually turned to the doctor and waved and said goodbye,”

The full article by Kelsey Dudley on the News Source 16 website can be read here

Autism Daily Newscast reported last summer on studies that found a link between autism and cannabinoids.