Autistic Gary McKinnon warned off seeing sick father in Scotland in fear of extradition

Gary McGary McKinnon, who was accused of hacking into hundreds of US military databases in 2010, has been warned off seeing his sick father in Scotland, as the USA may start another bid for extradition through the Scottish Courts.

Gary, 48, who has Asperger’s Syndrome was saved from extradition to America by Theresa May then foreign secretary in 2012. A report in the Daily Mail on Sunday explains that he is still wanted by the Pentagon on numerous counts of hacking and conspiracy. A separate court and justice system in Scotland may see proceedings start once more.

His mother, Janis Sharp, told the Mail that the Scottish Government had so far failed to give assurances it would turn down any new US request.

“I’d have thought it would be very easy for them to do. Gary is extremely upset.

“It seems ludicrous that he can’t safely visit the land he was born in, even to see his father who has been hospitalised after a stroke.”

A spokesperson for the Scottish government could neither confirm nor deny that this would be the case.