‘Autism Tsunami’ represented in the media – should we be using this term?

Recently we have seen many headlines about an autism epidemic. These news stories and press releases all use a common phrase, that of an ‘Autism Tsunami,’ A Tech Times headline reads;

Preparing for the ‘Autism Tsunami’: How Will U.S. Help Autistic Children Transitioning to Adulthood?

A Business Insider headline states; The US Is On The Verge Of An ‘Autism Tsunami’

 Now both of these articles contain relative and important information that help to spread the word about autism awareness as well as the fact that social, educational and economic structures need to be put into place now, in order to help these children when they become adults. This is fact. Autism is on the increase, we are all aware of this. As the Tech Times article states, there are ‘50,000 young people with autism’ who will be transitioning into adulthood, and that 1.5 million Americans who are on the autism spectrum are under the age of 22.

One in 88 babies within the United States during 2012 were diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and it is predicted that by 2014, the statistics will change to to one in 68.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report on their website.