Autism Rescue Angels help families affected by autism in the Houston area

image taken from the  Autism Rescue Angels Facebook page

image taken from the Autism Rescue Angels Facebook page

Houston— Elaine Turner is a designer and mother to Marlie, a ten-year-old little girl with autism.

Elaine and her husband Jim tell that they have been lucky with regards to resources for their daughter, who has received speech therapy as well as being able to access a specialist school for children with learning disabilities and speech delays.

“Every time I pull my credit card out I have this moment inside of me where I think … what about all the people who can’t just pull the credit card out? It’s just not an option.”

Michelle Guppy’s son Brandon, 21, has autism and is severely developmentally delayed. Michelle told KHOU that it costs $996 dollars a month for his supplements alone.

Elaine and Jim Turner are both founding board members of Autism Rescue Angels which is a nonprofit organization that aims to provide, ‘immediate financial assistance to autism families in the Houston area for medical, educational or respite  needs and to provide funding for programs benefitting those with autism spectrum disorder.’

Luckily the Guppy family are to be helped by the Autism Rescue Angels.

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Source: Mia Gradney on the KHOU 11 news website: Houston designer is on a personal autism mission