Autism and Abuse on the Rise

Autism and AbuseCharges are pending against the mother of a 30 year old autistic man after discovering that he had been held locked up and left for long periods of time in the mobile home in the state of Florida. Police say they became a were of the situation when they received an anonymous call that described the conditions as “dungeon-like”.

Earlier in the week, Theresa Allen-Caulboy, 55, was arraigned on six felony counts of child abuse of students ages 5, 6, and 7 who attended an elementary school in  Antioch, California. Allen-Caulboy had been a special education teacher for 11 years without prior incident. Allen-Caulboy will enter her plea when she returns to the court for bail hearing on August 12.

Last week, in Mason County , West Virginia, a principal was acquitted of felony child abuse charges against 11 year old Zach Plants who has Asperger Syndrome. Principal Cameron Moffett argued that he was only defending himself from Zach who has an established history of violence.

According to DreamCatchers For Abused Children, every 13 seconds a child in the U.S. is abused and 5 children each day die from neglect or abuse. How many of these children are autistic. How many adults on the autism spectrum are abused?

Autism Daily Newscast begins our series on the issue of abuse among those on autism spectrum and looks at what parents can do to mitigate abuse.