Aspie Seeks Love – hard to make friends harder to find a special person to love

Aspie Seeks Love poster by Jim RuggEditor’s Note – When we recently had a interview with both the producer/director as well as the star of the documentary, David Matthews,  our resident film critic wanted to review the film. We would like to thank director and producer, Julie Sokolow for allowing Maymay access to the film.

Film documentary, Aspie Seeks Love – is a new film documentary from ANIMAL, the production company who brought us the Sundance-winning BLOOD BROTHER. Aspie Seeks Love is a film that follows David Matthews, a now nearly 50-year- old man who was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome ate age forty-one. He is an artist and writer of fiction novels. The film spans the last twenty years of David’s life in his search for love. While watching the film we follow a ‘fearless outsider who has been searching for love longer than many of us have been alive.’ David uses fliers featuring pop culture and ‘suave’ photographs of himself, in order to secure himself a date and to find love.

I really liked this movie. It’s about a guy with Asperger’s Syndrome (autism) looking for love. It is a documentary so it is true. The movie starts with David describing himself by reading from a flyer he created. David didn’t know how to present himself so he used these flyers that he put up everywhere. He used odd headlines like Surrender to Dave, to grab women’s attention. He tried this for 15 years.  That is a very long time.

I was glad the movie explained more about who David is, and not just that he is looking for love. He is also an artist, and a writer who likes to collect postcards. I wish I could have seen some of his art. He also wrote Meltdown In The Cereal Aisle which was released sometime in 2012 or 2013. I do agree with David that people with Autism need to express themselves, but I don’t agree that it has to be through writing short stories. I liked the way the movie showed some of the social struggles of autism. I felt really bad because he wasn’t diagnosed with Autism until he was 41. That had to be so hard for him. I was also upset that his parents didn’t believe he had friends in college. David had to get a picture with his friends to prove it to them. This made me sad.

In 2012 he created an Ok Cupid account, which is an online dating site, and tried this different approach to getting women’s attention. He worked very hard to meet women and never gave up. I liked that the movie showed him going on dates. That was interesting. It is very hard to make friends when you are autistic. It is even harder to find a special person to love. I liked David sharing his story.5 stars