Asperger’s Diagnosed – Susan Boyle to Tour the United States for the First Time

Susan-Boyle-454696-1-402SCOTLAND- Susan Boyle, affectionately know by her followers as ‘Subo‘ has announced to Access Hollywood that she will be house hunting while she is on tour in the United States.

The 53 year old singer will perform in California, Texas, Arizona, Georgia and Florida.

In 2009 she stunned audiences with her amazing performance with her debut on Britian’s Got Talent.  Her debut YouTube video has had over 150 million views and she still can’t believe how well she was received, especially by American audiences.

Subo told The Observer newspaper of Scotland, in December 2013  that she had been diagnosed the previous year with Asperger’s Syndrome, a form of autism. She later spoke with CNN’s Steve Almasy stating she now had a clear idea of what her condition is. Subo said as a child

“I was told I had brain damage.  I always knew it was and unfair label”.

Boyle,  said she hoped by revealing her Asperger’s diagnosis it will lead people to understand her better, thus making her able to perform with more confidence. People with a diagnosis of Asperger’s disease, an autism spectrum disorder, tend to have a difficult time in social situations and expressing their feelings.  She has fought hard to learn to cope with this condition and is doing remarkably well.  She surrounds herself with supportive people

“I am not strong on my own. When I have the support of people around me I am fine,”

She will release her sixth studio album in October. She has indicated this new album will have some new types of music for her.  She said it will head in a “jazzy blues direction.” Although she tours across the United States she has said,

“I would probably move to New York. I like the busyness of it, I like the whole atmosphere, it’s really good.”

Subo has been touched by the reception she has received from American audiences. Subo is planning to leave her home town of West Lothian in Scotland to start a new life in the “Big Apple“, New York.  The love the American audiences have shown her is the main influence behind her move

Despite her upcoming move to the states she remains loyal to Scotland remaining a part of the United Kingdom, which is a very critical issue that will be voted on this September, along with a group of fellow stars; J.K. Rowlings, David Bowie. Emma Thompson and Sir Alex Ferguson.

Contributed by Mary Alexa Norris, teacher and writer with a passion for empowering those on the autism spectrum and with special needs.