Ask Autism Training Service by Autistic People for Professionals

nas-logo.ashx‘Ask autism is an exciting new training service from The National Autistic Society, offering a range of products for professional development. Uniquely developed and delivered by people on the autism spectrum, Ask autism provides an ‘insider’ perspective of autism to give you a unique understanding of how people on the autism spectrum would like to be understood and supported.’ Ask autism website

Ask autism offers online training to frontline professionals so that they are better informed about what Autism is and how they can better interact with autistic individuals. The training has been devised with input from people on the autistic spectrum.

‘Over 70 autistic people have developed and tested the material, ensuring everyone who uses the training benefits from their unique insight.’

Ask Autism states that the training is most beneficial to those working in public sectors such as transport, health and social services, as well as the civil service and local government.

The training modules include topics on:

  • Understanding autism
  • Autism and communication
  • Autism and sensory experience
  • Autism, stress and anxiety
  • Autism: supporting families

Rachel Sloan, Ask Autism Manager, explained that the training programme is based on the ethos of inclusion and participation; this can be difficult for many autistic individuals because of barriers due to their Autism.

“Traditional methods of consulting and working in partnership may not always be effective, and new avenues for connection may need to be sought, however when collaborative ventures are pursued, and when people on the autism spectrum feel included and empowered, the ability to live as one chooses greatly increases. The NAS ‘Ask autism’ project has been looking to do just this.”

Leading on from the theme of participation is the Ask autism one day conference on January 28 at Friends House, Euston, London.

‘This is a one day conference delivered by people on the autism spectrum examining aspects of autism and participation.’

You can find out more information on the Ask autism website