Ashton Kutcher is a fan of Iris Grace Painting

USA - "Lee Daniels' The Butler" LA Premiere - Los AngelesAshton Kutcher – recently posted on Facebook about his interest in the paintings of Iris Grace, a five year old little girl with autism. We recently interviewed Iris’s mother, Arabella, the 2 part interview can be read here.

Iris Grace, who was diagnosed with autism in 2011 has an extraordinary talent; she paints and she expresses herself through her paintings.

The website Iris Grace Painting indeed uses the tagline, ‘Imagine Create Inspire’ and this is exactly what this little girl does.

Iris initially started to paint as a form of therapy, but it soon became apparent that this little girl had an extraordinary talent.

Iris’s artwork can sell for thousands but you can buy prints of her work from her website

Ashton’s Facebook post simply says, “I want one of these”

Ashton Kutcher

Iris Grace Paintings can be followed on Facebook

Iris Grace Painting website can be found here