Art for Autism Festival in Madurai, South India.

children musical instrumentsVelvi Trust, Art for Autism Festival 2014’ Madurai, South India – On Friday Jan 17 the Velvi Trust started its ‘Art for Autism Festival 2014’. Sessions included painting, theatre and music for all on the autistic spectrum.

Dr Parasuram Ramamoorthi, Chairman of Velvi Trust is quoted in The Hindu as saying:

“Every child and adult here has some innate skill and ability”,

He then adds that the artistic skills once identified can give the individual skills for life which can support them.

During a music therapy session children were given different musical instruments and asked to try them out.

Kavita Kumar, who is a music therapist and head of Dhoon Foundation, Delhi said:

“I use a combination of laughter and movement which helps them open up and express themselves creatively. One of the main challenges associated with autism is for the children to interact and connect which I hope to bring about”

The Hindu reports that even though the trust has been offering art sessions for autistic children for the last 7 years, they have had a poor response.

In the article Dr Parasuram stresses the need for autistic children to be able to express themselves and those children who do not speak still have skills which can be identified and encouraged.

Dr Parasuram also states:

“There is so much that these children can do and yet, time, money and resources are spent in trying to teach them what they can’t do and don’t want to learn”

The original article by S. Poorvaja in The Hindu can be found here