“Armond Goes to a Party” written by 14 year old with Asperger’s

Armond_Isaak_color_RGBNew Hope, Minnesota – Armond Isaak, 14 who has Asperger’s Syndrome will soon release a book he co-authored with Minnesota’s children’s book author and illustrator, Nancy Carlson.

The Kare 11 website report that Armond’s book entitled, “Armond Goes to a Party” is a book about Asperger’s Syndrome and friendship and he wanted other children on the autism spectrum to know that they aren’t alone.

He said:

“If you have Asperger’s Syndrome, you are really good in your brain and your brain is wired a different way so you are really good drawing and school but your social level isn’t as high,”

Armond IsaakHeidi Isaak, Armond’s mother has encouraged her son to write about the social struggles he had encountered in elementary school.

“When I read that the first time, it was heartbreaking because he didn’t feel a part of things, but it’s true,”

Armond also wrote about a time that he felt overwhelmed at a party and reached out to his favorite author, Nancy Carlson who adapted a section of his writing and brought the chapter alive with images and words.

Armond said that he hopes the book will help people:

“So people who know somebody with Asperger’s can know how to deal and make friends if they feel alone, and if somebody with Asperger’s can reach out and try to make new friends,” he said.

The book, Armond Goes to a Party is released on April 15, and will be available where books are sold. The book is also available for pre-order at the publisher, FreeSpirit.com, or via Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

The original article by Lindsey Seavert on the Kare 11 website can be read here