February 23, 2020

Marana, Arizona – Arizona Power Yoga offers a special class once a week to children in the autistic spectrum. The Arizona Daily Star reports that specially trained teacher Pam Adler teaches the class to 3 pre-teens.

Ron Martin who owns Arizona Power Yoga said that children receive the same benefits from yoga as adults and for children with autism can help improve social and motor skills and lessen anxieties.

Pam Adler is currently working toward yoga-therapist status and also works at the Arizona State Schools for the Deaf and the Blind and has many years of experience teaching children with ASD.

“Children, teaching and yoga, the three greatest things on the planet,”

Pam says that yoga practice can help children to calm themselves and relieve their anxieties.

“Individuals with autism often take longer to process things. Breath control helps to provide time to find clarity,”

Pam uses stories and toys to keep the children’s attention while Yoga poses are interwoven into the story.

Koa Spencer, 12, hasn’t missed a class. His mother Kathryn Spencer said yoga helps her son in his interactions with other children. Kathryn explains that it is hard for Koa to verbalize or initiate social interactions and that yoga gives him something to enjoy on his own after school.

Payton Redman, 10, is also a member and her mother, Patrice Redman commented about the class saying that:

“I am just so happy that she is not different and does not stick out,”

She adds:

“Like any kid, she may not want to do her work or go to school. I tell her she can’t go to yoga unless she does.”

Ron Martin bought Arizona Power Yoga with his wife, Anita, last May and met Koa in a children’s class last summer. When he received Pam Adler’s résumé he decided to offer a class for children with autism.

The full article by Jim Bradbury in the Arizona Daily Star can be read here

Autism Daily Newscast first wrote about the benefits of yoga with those on the spectrum here.


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