Appeal for London attackers who slashed autistic teenager’s neck

InjuryThe mother of 16 year old Eamonn Finn, is appealing for people to identify the yobs who slashed her son’s neck for “looking at them funny.”

Eammonn who was walking to a youth group for youngsters with disabilities in Pimlico, Central London was stopped by three youths who caught and stabbed him only millilitres away from his jugular artery while he tried to escape. Eammonn then tried to run for home, but stumbled into a police officer who took him to St Mary’s Hospital.

Mother, Margaret Finn, from Millbank, Westminster is so desperate to find the attackers that she posted the photos of the injury on her Facebook page.CCTV of the attack has also been released to try and identify the young men who caused it. It has had just over 11,000 shares to date.

Ms Finn said in an interview with the London Evening Standard:

“The only way he could have possibly been looking at anyone funny is at a glance. He was carrying an iPhone, headphones and a little money but none of that was taken. This was just a vicious, unprovoked attack. 

I was frantic. I had already called him three or four times because I’d checked and he hadn’t turned up for youth group.

“When the police called and said he had been stabbed in the neck I collapsed. The minute you hear neck, head or chest you know there is intent to fatally injure.

“I was picked up by the police and taken. As soon as I got there and I saw him sitting up I was so relieved. Then I just felt full of rage.

 “They did far more than stab him, they’ve also taken away the only bit of independence he had, which took us almost two years to prepare him for.

Westminster CID on 07500 766464 or via 101. To remain anonymous please contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.I’m now too frightened to let him back out. I’m really beginning to think the boys who tried to kill my son are going to get away with it.As a mum with an autistic son you are constantly trying to see the world through their eyes. It’s heartbreaking that someone would attack a boy so vulnerable.”

The attack happened at 7:20 pm of June 4 near Regency Street.  The suspects are described as Hispanic or black and in their late teens or early twenties. Eamonn’s attacker has curly wet-look hair and was wearing a grey jumper.

Anyone with any information is urged to contact Westminster CID on 07500 766464 or via 101. To remain anonymous please contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.