“Anti-Vaxxers” Face Ire on Social Media

anti-vaxxers, vaccine, By now most readers are probably familiar with the renewed interest in the vaccine debate triggered by an outbreak of measles that was traced back to Disneyland in California. Social media is filled with angry comments from individuals on both sides of the debate, and blog sites are filled with stories of children falling ill, along with those who continue to defend their right to refuse vaccinations on behalf of their children.

Arizona cardiologist Aaron Wolfson is among the prominent “anti-vaxxers” who told CNN News,

“I’m not going to sacrifice the well-being of my child. My child is pure. It’s not my responsibility to be protecting their child.”

He went on to say that children should not be protected from illnesses like measles and mumps, and that it is their “right” to contract these diseases.

Another doctor, Tim Jacks, pediatrician from Phoenix, Arizona, disagrees. In a viral blog post titled To the Parents of the Unvaccinated Child Who Exposed my Family to Measles he shares the story of his daughter, who is unvaccinated due to a diagnosis of lymphoblastic leukemia. He explains how dangerous it is to expose children like her, who are unvaccinated due to severe illness, allergies, or who are immunocompromised, to individuals who are unvaccinated due to parental choice. He says,

“I assume you love your child just like I love mine. I assume that you are trying to make good choices regarding their care. Please realize that your child does not live in a bubble. When your child gets sick, other children are exposed. My children.”

Wolfson’s responded to Jack’s article by saying,

“As far as I’m concerned, it’s very likely that her leukemia is from vaccinations in the first place.”

It’s not only doctors, but also people with autism, who are sharing their point of view. A Facebook post from a 22 year-old woman with autism accusing parents who are against vaccination of preferring a dead child to a child with autism has gone viral. It reads,


Other adults with autism share her point of view. A lengthy post on a Facebook page titled Insufferable Intolerance Blog

“The choice not to vaccinate is a selfish one. Not only are you putting your child at risk but the lives of the community around you.”

You can see her full post, along with other comments, here http://www.addictinginfo.org/2015/02/03/autistic-woman-destroys-anti-vaxxers-theyd-rather-have-dead-children-than-children-like-me-screenshots/.