Anna Kennedy Online Launch Petition for More Consistency Within the NHS in Regards to Autism Diagnosis

Anna Kennedy

Anna Kennedy

Anna Kennedy Online – launch the petition ‘Department of Health: Consistency within the NHS when diagnosing an autism spectrum condition and Asperger Syndrome.’ Dec 21

The recent survey carried out by Anna Kennedy Online, Autism Diagnosis Survey in the UK which can be found here received over 2000 responses, the results highlighted the need for better consistency within the NHS in the diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).

Following research carried out by Anna Kennedy Online it was found that many professionals are confused as to what diagnostic tool to use and that the diagnostic system is unclear.

They state that the NHS recognise and should use the ICD-10 diagnostic tool but that professionals within the NHS state they diagnose to what the DSM-V states and often misunderstanding what is within it.

Anna Kennedy Online goes on to say that they now have evidence of families whose children have Asperger’s Syndrome being told that they would have been given a diagnosis before but now under the DSM-V diagnostic criteria Asperger’s’ no longer exists.

Anna Kennedy states that:

“Bottom line is that AnnaKennedyonline have discovered that every Local Health Authority is allowed to do what they want and pick and choose which tool they use as in Health Professionals very worrying! Different rules for which area you live in.”

The petition can be found here