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May 27, 2014

America – Half a million Americans are on the the autism spectrum but although educated will remain unemployed unless the US change how they hire people, The Daily Beast reports.

The article states that according to Marcia Scheiner, president and founder of the Asperger Syndrome Training & Employment Partnership (ASTEP) that:

‘Of the 35 percent of young adults on the autism spectrum that go on to pursue postsecondary education, 75 to 85 percent are unemployed when they graduate—about half a million people,’

Scheiner then goes on to add that one of the biggest challenges for individuals on the spectrum is the interview process itself which is

“… largely based around the concept of socialization: Your ability to network, your ability to interact with others,”

There are also fewer networks of support available to those on the autistic spectrum as they prepare to enter the world of work.

Scheiner’s approach has been one of support and education for the professionals who hire candidates.That not so much value should be placed on eye contact or a strong handshake.

She also ads that another way for adults on the spectrum to be hired is to prove that hey ave talent with an enormous competitive advantage.

Rajesh Anandan, co-founder of Ultra Testing, a software testing company said:

“People that already appreciate difference believe that by being more tolerant and being able to see different kinds of people, they’re going to build a stronger team,”
“That diversity, and diversity of thought, makes you better.”

To read the full and original article on the Daily Beast website click here

Autism Daily Newscast has reported on various companies that are working with individuals on the spectrum to assist in finding jobs.

  •  The Specialists Guild in San Francisco is helping adults with autism to find employment in the technology industry.
  •  Exercise Connection in Chicago is a company that works with teens who have autism by providing  exercises where the students gain confidence which can be a gateway to getting a job
  •  A program from University of North Carolina’s Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute (FPG) is preparing students with autism for life after high school.
  • Autism Expressed in Philadelphia teaches digital skills to students with autism.
  • The nonPareil Institute in Plano, Texas, is a non-profit organization that trains adults with autism to create digital games and apps.


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