Ambitious About Autism Launch their ‘Ruled Out‘ Campaign

Courtesy of Ambitious About Autism

Courtesy of Ambitious About Autism

PRESS RELEASE Ambitious About Autism launch their new campaign ‘Ruled Out’ today, Feb 11 – Ambitious About Autism is a national charity for children and young people with autism. They provide services, raise awareness and campaign for change.

Their latest campaign, Ruled Out asks:

‘Why are children with autism missing out on education?’

The campaign explores the reasons why children with autism miss out on school.

‘Through our campaign and with your support, we aim to ensure that in future every child and young person with autism can access the quality education they need to learn, thrive and achieve.’

Here are some of the key findings from their research:

‘20% of children with autism have been formally excluded in the past 12 months
4 in 10 children with autism have been excluded illegally during their time at school
Over half of parents of children with autism say they have kept their child out of school for fear that the school is unable to provide appropriate support.’

Ambitious about Autism are asking parents, teachers, schools and policy makers to support their campaign aims:

‘Every family of a child with autism knows their rights, and has the resources to help their child get the support they are entitled to at school

Every school has access to an autism specialist teacher, to build capacity among schools staff and to support children with autism to learn and achieve

Every local authority sets out in its local offer the support available in its area to ensure children with autism have access to quality full-time education.’

Ambitious About Autism have also created a guide for parents which covers topics such as school exclusions, disability discrimination, additional support and Statements of Educational Needs. You can read the full Ruled Out report here

The campaign website can be found here
You can follow on twitter and use #ruledout to raise awareness
The campaign video can be viewed below: