Allison Moorer talks openly about life with her young autistic son

Image taken from Facebook

Image taken from Facebook

Allison Moorer –  The award winning country singer will be releasing her album Down to Believing in March 2015 and spoke to Rolling Stone Country about bringing up her five year old son John Henry who has autism.

She explained that her son was given the diagnosis of autism when aged 23 months and that he attends a specialist school where he receives ABA therapy, speech and occupational therapy. She tells of how she knew that something was not right very early on and that they were able to act upon it.

She explains that they were lucky as many children do not gain a diagnosis until they are much older.

She tells:

“We were just very aware of it. So I spend a lot of my time paying attention to that, making sure that he’s OK.”

At present Allison and John Henry live in New York due to there being a fantastic specialist school situated there, that provides everything her son needs, all under one roof.

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