Alex Glover – the young man with autism who took on Facebook and won

Alex Glover with sister Rebecca and friend Ol. Taken from Facebook

Alex Glover with sister Rebecca and friend Ol. Taken from Facebook

Merseyside, UK – Alex Glover is a teenager who is on the autism spectrum. Last week his Facebook page was shut down over the issue of his changing his profile name to that of his Dr Who hero,  Peter Capaldi.

Alex relies on Facebook to communicate with friends and the outside world, something that he struggles with due to his autism.

His sister Rebecca, was outraged by the decision Facebook made in shutting down her brother’s page and decided to set up an online petition in order for them to reinstate the page.

Fortunately this has now been done and Alex is back to being an active Facebook user.

However Rebecca has used this incident to highlight the issues surrounding autism and to raise awareness. She has set up a Just Giving page, in order to raise funds for the National Autistic Society that can be found here.

On it she states:

‘Hi everyone,

As you might be aware, my brother Alex’s story has been getting quite a bit of attention. For those of you who don’t know, his Facebook Page has been deactivated because he wasn’t using his own name. This all came about due to my brother’s condition: Autism.’

You can read the full interview with Alex and Rebecca over on the Mirror website here

Source: Richard Beech on the Mirror website: Meet Alex: The autistic teen who took on Facebook and won