July 7, 2014

  airportScotland – Mark McDonald, SNP MSP for Aberdeen Donside, has joined with the National Autistic Society Scotland and Scottish Autism to ask airports to raise awareness about the support they offer to individuals who have autism.

Many people with autism can find the unpredictability of airports distressing and disorientating.

The Scotsman state that an investigation by Mr McDonald found that all of Scotland’s major airports offer support for autistic passengers to allow them to familiarise themselves with airports.

However he found that the information is often difficult to find and that more needs to be done to promote the support that is available.

“Often a familiarisation visit or series of visits can remove some of the stress and difficulty and can lead to simple alterations being made to allow for a more pleasant flying experience for the individual and family concerned.”

The National Autistic Society Scotland welcomed his report.

Policy and campaigns officer Robert MacBean said:

“By making certain, small adjustments that help build familiarity with the airport process and environment, Scotland’s airports are making important progress. But raising awareness of the support available is crucial, as is ensuring advice and information is easily accessible.”

The report looked at Aberdeen airport, Edinburgh airport, Glasgow airport, and Glasgow Prestwick and 11 belonging to the Highland & Islands Group, the largest of which is Inverness airport.

The report recommend that all airports should have a page on their website highlighting what services they provide for people with autism and how to enquire about them.

The original article on The Scotsman online can be read here

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