Adults with ASD choose to become small businesses owners due to challenges in mainstream workplaces

Taken from the Stuttering King Bakery Facebook page

Taken from the Stuttering King Bakery Facebook page

New York – Adults on the autism spectrum are becoming more reliant on opening their own small business as a means to secure employment in today’s competitive workforce.

Because there are a large number of individuals on the spectrum facing significant challenges when seeking jobs due to their special needs, many have opted to create their own career opportunities with the help of family members. Business owners Matt Cottle, Joe Steffy, Vinnie Ireland and Christopher Tidmarsh all have autism yet have channeled their respective efforts into opening small companies. Cottle initially struggled to find a job in a mainstream business. His mother Peg Cottle, asserts on Fox Business:

 “He was at a brick wall before he started his bakery.”

Today Cottle is the proud owner of Stuttering King Bakery, a company that provides him with over $1000 in monthly revenue. Conversely, Ireland, Steffy and Tidmarsh have all found their niches by opening businesses geared towards providing services in landscaping, selling popcorn and growing hydroponic vegetables respectively.

Thus, with autism rates soaring and an 80% unemployment level amongst adults with the disorder, these four intrepid business owners will hopefully inspire other individuals with ASD to use their talents, gifts and abilities to be resourceful, aim high and pursue their dreams as well.

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