Accreditation granted to Bethel University’s Autism Apectrum Disorder license program

Bethel UniversityBethel University, Minnesota – The University’s  Autism Spectrum Disorder license program has now been given final accreditation status. The program will be offered at the graduate level for adults who are already employed within the field but who are seeking to add to a previously obtained degree. With autism rates rising consistently every year, school boards are now developing policies geared towards ensuring that children who are on the spectrum receive the intervention and support they require.

Hence in an effort to more effectively meet the academic needs of children with autism, the state has unveiled new stipulations requiring public schools to have at least one teacher with the appropriate licensing on staff.  The license itself would enable those who have completed the 6-9 month course to work with children aged 0-21 who fall on either the mild, moderate or severe areas  of the spectrum.

Ultimately those who undertake the course will be provided with the information necessary to correctly identify pupils who potentially have autism which will increase the likelihood of the students being referred for specialized testing.

As Katie Bonawitz, program director of  Bethel University’s special education graduate program states:

 “Almost everyone knows someone who has autism. At the graduate level, this is our way of serving a significant need in the field of special education.”

Bethel University has been a leader and model in Christian higher education since 1871.

 Source: Tricia Theurer on the Bethel University website: Bethel’s Autism Spectrum Disorders License Receives Final Accreditation