July 12, 2014

Taken from Just Giving
Taken from Just Giving

Fairlight, UK – Aaron Sullivan, 17, has started a personal crusade in order to get more support for people with autism.

Aaron attends Bexhill College and has Asperger’s syndrome. He is an Autism Ambassador at the college and helps both students and staff to better understand the condition as well as offering support.

He said:

“I speak articulately and to look at me there is no outward sign that I have a disability. I’m bright, conscientious and I come across as able, but there are things I need support with. I have a hidden disability, however this is not a mental illness and my disability should not be a barrier to work or education.”

He continues to add:

“My dream is to be heard and valued as a contributing member of society. We do have a voice and we want to be able to live life the way we want, not the way ignorance or prejudice dictates. I’d like to be the Martin Luther King of autism.”

The National Autistic Society (NAS) state that only 15 per cent of people with autism are in full-time employment, despite the fact that 79 per cent of people with autism on out of work benefits want to work.

Aaron has set up a Just Giving page to support the National Autistic Society in raising awareness which can be found here

The original article in the Hastings and St Leonards Observer can be read here


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