A Worry Free Life With PocketFinder Personal GPS Locator

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PocketFinder personal GPS locator is one of the most useful devices that you can use for your children, pets and other family members who need extra care with the peace of mind. This device is highly accurate in telling you the location of the person at any given time and helps you in searching for the missing person at a fast speed with various functions and options. This device uses the modern technology and so you can make use of it while using the same devices that you are using in your daily life – no complications and difficulties at all.

The device is a small piece of equipment that needs to be attached to the individual and one can be quite creative in ways to do this. There is a charging base to charge the device whenever needed. Charging is not a hassle at all and since the device has options for you to choose from for maximum or minimum use, you can always make the battery last for a longer duration. Once attached with the person you can do you work and the let the device do its work. It will keep you informed of the person’s location by using the GSM and GPS technology.

The PocketFinder personal GPS locato serves as a great guardian for children with autism. If a person with autism goes missing and then starts running in the panic situation, the device will inform you not only of the location of the person but also of the speed of the device. You can always make changes to the settings on the device and set up a speed limit which you will be informed of if it gets breached. Within seconds you will receive a notification on your email or text message if the device is running at a speed higher than your set limit.

Another thing that makes this device better than many others on the market is its GeoFencing option. Not only are you able to create zones and get notified when your subject goes out of the specified zone but you are also informed when the subject enters that defined zone. This means that you will be informed of the subject’s position all day long. Not to mention, you can keep a history of 60 days of where your device has been to in the past 60 days. Whenever you are notified you get the information with the address, latitude, longitude and speed of the subject.

You can keep an eye on the location of whomever is wearing the device via your computer, smartphone or even the tablet. You can even track multiple devices and for the protection of the device you get a plastic case with it. This case is waterproof so you know you will never miss the location of your loved ones no matter where they are.

While this device requires a monthly service without contract, the PocketFinder personal GPS locator is in the lower affordable purchase range of around $85.