A Texas mother claims that her 5 year old autistic son was hurt by school coach

Wilson Elementary School in Harlingen, Texas – Blanca Morin claims that her son was hurt by a school P.E. coach.

Her son aged 5 has autism and Valeria Aponte reporting on ValleyCentral.com tells of how Blanca Morin believes that the P.E. coach at her son’s school is responsible for the bruises on his arm.

Her son came home with a note from the teacher, the article states that the little boy had an outburst during P.E. and refused to go on a time out.

Blanca Morin explains that her son became upset when he was excluded from the game and that excessive force was used to remove him, leaving marks on his arm.

Blanca Morin states this could have been prevented:

“With autistic children you have to explain to them what exactly is going on,”

Blanca Morin has filed a police report, and the police have now contacted Child Protective Services.

She then contacted the school’s Principal.

Harlingen CISD has issued this statement:

“The safety of our students will always be our number one priority, and we work diligently to ensure that our campuses are the safest environments for our students and staff. An allegation has been made against a teacher at Wilson Elementary School regarding an isolated incident and a comprehensive investigation into this matter is being conducted. We take all personnel matters seriously and appropriate action is taken when warranted. As this is a personnel issue we will not comment any further.”

The Primera Police Department have concluded their part in the investigation and will shortly be presenting their findings to the Cameron County District Attorney’s office.

Bianca Morin has removed her son from the school until the matter is resolved.

The full article on ValleyCentral.com can be found here