A Mini GPS Tracking Device For Your Loved Ones

MicFirst Mini GPS Tracking Device

MicFirst Mini GPS Tracking Device

Wandering and bolting continue to be a major issue for children on the autism spectrum. Estimates suggest that up to 49% of individuals with ASD will wander off or bolt at some time. The statistics are the highest for children under seven. If you have a child that falls into this category then the mini GPS tracking device might be something to consider. This device is easy to use and is a perfect piece of equipment for locating someone at any instant.

First of all, as the name suggests, this is a small tracker so it can be attached to children on the autism spectrum with greater ease than some of the larger devices and is less likely to bother them if attached to them in less accessible places. It can detect their location whenever you want to and locating the children is easy with just the latitude and longitude information that is provided via a text messages. This text message comes directly on your mobile phone.

It uses the GPRS, GSM and the GPS technology in order to locate the person who has the device. The tracker will stay with the person who you want to be safe and within a particular distance from you. If the person goes out of the range that has been set, you will be informed with an alarm and the longitude and latitude information will be sent to you right away so you can locate the missing person.

You will require a software where you will insert the longitude and latitude information and locate the position of the tracker.

The compact device that stays with the person who may be inclined to wander or bolt has certain buttons on it for various functions. For example, there is an SOS function on the tracker and if the person is lost and is capable of  pressing that button to send a help message. As soon as you receive the longitude and latitude information you can use it to locate the person and the GPS technology within the compact device will help you in reaching the person in no time at all.

One of the best things about this device is its size. Due to its size you can use it with various other items by attaching it to them. A charger is required to charge the battery on the tracker and so you must be very careful to charge the tracker on time to keep it functioning normally. Rest assured that the alarm will trigger to let you know that the battery is low on your tracker. This device may provide the extra safety feature you need to respond quickly should your child wander.

A a price of around $175, the MicFirst Mini GPS Tracking Device is in the mid range for GPS tracking products.