8-year-old boy with autism jailed and family to file lawsuit – w/video

Hendersonville, Tenn. — An 8-year-old boy with autism was charged and jailed after allegedly hitting his teacher in the face. Colton Granito was charged with assault and was reportedly placed in a jail cell after officials from his school, RT Fisher School, told police that he hit his teacher while they were in their classroom.

Colton’s family will be filing charges against Sheriff’s Office and the Sumner County School District seeking punitive damages for their action against the child, where they claim he had also been injured and restrained in a jacket. Larry Granito, Colton’s father, said:

“That’s something you don’t ever expect to see as a parent, especially with your youngest child being treated as a criminal, it was rough, it was very, very heart breaking.”

The incident reportedly started when Colton was refused to borrow a book in the school library. He reportedly headed back to his classroom and sat on his chair facing the wall. According to his mother, Brittany Granito,

“He would not take his feet off the wall and so the teacher reached down and pushed his feet down off the wall and Colton swatted and hit the teacher in the face.”

Both the Sheriff’s Office and the Sumner County School District declined to comment on the incident. In the video below, the Granito’s lawyer states that the school clearly violated proper procedures.

Source: Jennifer Reyes on the News Channel 5 website: Family Of 8-Year-Old Boy With Autism Filing Lawsuit After He Was Jailed