Real housewives of New Jersey star defends Jenny McCarthy after autism row



Jaqueline Laurita, one of the stars of the Real Housewives of New Jersey (or RHONJ) has always been public about her son’s autism. This week she has come out in defence of Jenny McCarthy after reports were circulated during the New Year period that her son Evan did not have an autism diagnosis.

Ms Laurita has used the show as a platform previously for raising awareness of viewers of autism and its implications on family life. She tweeted yesterday in defence of The View host and ardent autism and anti vaccine campaigner McCarthy.

Her tweet read:

“Let’s not forget that Jenny McCarthy has been a very proactive mom & took time 2 help many by raising Autism awareness&writing books 2 help others.”

Autism Daily Newscast reported Tuesday that Ms McCarthy was taking legal advice about the reports, which had taken quotes from an interview from Time magazine published in 2010, and used them out of context.