200 people to take part in 24 hour video gameathon for Asperger’s

Redditch, UK – A total of 2oo people will be  taking part in a 24 hour video gameathon.

From  10am next Friday, July 25,  Your Ideas will be raising funds for people with raise funds for people with Aspergers.

The group have set themselves a target of £1,000 as they want to  use the money to develop the Spectrum project which reduces social isolation for youngsters with the syndrome, the Redditch Standatrd reports.

Gamers will also set themselves personal challenges and will compete in tournaments.

Bridget Nisbet, the mother of James Nisbet who is taking part in the challenge, has donated more than £450 to the cause after she trekked  40 miles with members of the Shake That walking club.

Please visit www.yourideas.org.uk for more information about the group.

The original aricle by Connie Osborne in the Redditch Standard can be read here