Good luck Gina – walking and talking for autism

Gina Davies Walking Talking AutismLast month we shared a story with you about acclaimed autism practitioner, Gina Davies who will be starting her Walking and talking Tour shortly.

In just a week’s time, Gina will be walking the walk and talking the talk as she travels on foot from Wells to Canterbury, and along the route will volunteer her services to families of young children with autistic spectrum disorders. Starting out in Somerset on the July 21, Gina will walk old pilgrim routes and footpaths and offer free consultations to parents and families in exchange for a meal or packed lunch, concluding her journey in Kent on the August 14.

Right now she is packing up her gear and soling out her walking boots in preparation of her walk. We  at Autism Daily Newscast and Autistic Spectrum Digest wish her every success along the way and look forward to hearing more about her adventure.

You can find more details about the tour here.