The Department of Defense analyze their healthcare coverage for Autism

Washington, DC – The Department of Defense has hired Rand Corp to analyze it’s healthcare coverage of the autism therapy, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Recently Tricare, one of the healthcare providers for the armed forces, decided to make cuts in their reimbursement for ABA from $125 to just $68. This action was taken through The […]

TRICARE will Require Authorization to Continue ABA Services to Military Families with Autistic Children

Starting July 25th, this Thursday, the military’s healthcare insurer, TRICARE, will enact stricter qualifications to their current policy regarding the continuation of Applied Behavioral Analysis services to families with autistic children. This cold affect more than 23,000 military dependents who have a diagnosis of an autism spectrum disorder. At the same time that TRICARE will expand […]

Update: Pentagon spending cuts could leave hundreds of children with autism without adequate services

Washington, DC – The Pentagon’s decision to delay implementing spending cuts that would drastically reduce autism services for military families is still leaving hundreds of children at risk of losing access to crucial medical and behavioural therapy. The government had initially announced its plans to drastically decrease funding to Tricare, the healthcare plan under which […]

Update – Pentagon postpones spending cuts of autism services for military families

Washington, DC – The Pentagon has delayed plans to cut spending that would have resulted in a significant decrease in the amount of autism services that are provided to military families throughout the country. The government had initially announced its intention to implement policies geared towards reducing spending in several different sectors in order to […]

Military families with autism may lose out on ABA therapies

Virginia Beach,VA – Proposed changes to military healthcare system TRICARE going into effect October 20, has both parents and those who provide for children on the spectrum upset. Both claim that the changes will make the world renowned autism therapy, applied behavior analysis (ABA) cost more and be provided less. Suzanna Myers, who has a […]