Herbal Remedies Display Potential in the Treatment of Autism

Recent research shows promise for the use of herbal remedies to treat autism. A recent study conducted in Japan examined the effects of yokukansan on the behavior of children with pervasive developmental disorder (PDD), which is one of the autism spectrum disorders. In this study, 20 children and teenagers aged 6 to 17 with diagnoses […]

Autism in the United Kingdom a Growing Issue

In the United Kingdom it is estimated that nearly 1 out of 100 children today suffers from autism. While the statistics appear lower than in the United States, it still means approximately 100,000 children today living with autism in the U.K. In addition, half a million family members face the direct effect of the condition. […]

Study hopes to identify autism in young children before symptoms become evident – w/video

Seattle — For children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), early intervention is key in helping them achieve their highest potential despite the developmental condition. For parents Charlie and Jenn Di Bona, even earlier diagnosis can make all the difference in the world. Today, however, diagnosis is only possible once a child displays symptoms or […]

Press Release – Miniature brains made from patient skin cells reveal insights into autism

Understanding diseases like autism and schizophrenia that affect development of the brain has been challenging due to both the complexity of the diseases and the difficulty of studying developmental processes in human tissues. In a study published July 16 in Cell, researchers have made steps toward overcoming these challenges by converting skin cells from autism […]

Researchers link superior visual ability in infants to autism

Superior visual ability in infants may be indicative that they are likely to develop autism as they grow up, researchers say in a study recently published in the journal Cell Press and reported here in the Press Release. In a research funded by Britain’s Medical Research Council, researchers from a number of universities in London […]

Press Release – Infants’ superior perception linked to later autism symptoms

People with autism are often described as “seeing the world differently.” They tend to show superior perception for details, like, for example, the autistic artist Stephen Wiltshire’s highly accurate representations of cityscapes drawn from memory. Now, researchers reporting in the Cell Press journal Current Biology on June 11 show that those differences in perceptual skill […]

Research finds common traits within families between child prodigies and individuals with autism

A new research study by the Ohio State University has found that child prodigies and individuals with autism, in the same family, share genetic traits. Although the study group was only small, it was found that similar characters such as good memory and attention to detail, were evident. DNA from 12 child prodigies were looked […]

New study finds parenting girls with autism more stressful

Los Angelas, CA – A new study shows raising a girl on the spectrum is more stressful for the parents. The study was conducted by Irina Zamora, Eliza K. Harley, Shulamite A. Green, Kathryn Smith, Michele D. Kipke and was published in the open access journal Autism Research and Treatment. News outlet examainer.com recently reported […]

Study indicates future healthcare workers lack understanding of autism

Ithaca, NY – A recent study conducted at Ithaca College indicates that a significant number of students intending to embark on a career in healthcare lack both knowledge and understanding of autism spectrum disorder. Skott Freedman, an assistant professor at the school’s Speech Language and Audiology Department, administered surveys for almost 300 students currently enrolled […]

Individuals with learning disabilities have higher risk of premature death

A 2013 study in the UK found that individuals with learning disabilities are at higher risk of premature death than those in the general population. For the purposes of the study, a death was considered premature if “without a specific event that formed part of the ‘pathway’ that led to death, it was probable that […]