Caring chef at London school for children with autism creates calming and healthy lunchtimes

London, UK – This past weekend The Guardian wrote a piece about a London school for children with autism ‘revolutionising’ lunchtimes. Queensmill school that is located near Shepherd’s Bush in West London has 140 pupils, ranging from the age of 2 to 19. Many of the children are preverbal and use a PECS based system to […]

School makes it policy that there is no such thing as a naughty child

Last week I read an interesting article in the Daily Mail online about a school in Lancashire, that has now made it policy to not label children as naughty. Headteacher Rachel Tomlinson, of Barrowford Primary school told the Mail on Sunday: ‘We don’t label children naughty at all. It’s important that they seem themselves as […]

Change in Minneapolis public school program for children with autism sparks protest – w/video

Minneapolis — A change in the city’s program for children with autism in public schools has sparked protest among parents caring for children on the spectrum. Public schools in Minneapolis will no longer be including children on the lower end of the spectrum to their autism program, with the hope of keeping the children closer to […]

Update – Family of boy who was repeatedly hit by teacher, awarded $350k lawsuit settlement

On May 16 we reported on the distressing story, Student with autism allegedly hit by teacher. 65-year-old Janet Carrie Williams, a teacher at Greene Valley State School for children with learning differences, was charged with third-degree assault and endangering the welfare of a child. It has now been reported that a federal judge has approved […]

School provides in-class haircuts for students with ASD – with video

Okemos, MI – School officials at Okemos Public Montessori Central are providing students on the spectrum with the unique opportunity to be given trims and haircuts in their classrooms. Because many children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)  have sensory sensitivities, receiving a haircut can often be a difficult experience for both youngsters as well as their parents. […]

Boy with autism suspended after taking rock to school to fend off bullies – w/video

McEwen, Tenn – A young boy with autism has faced disciplinary action by officials after bringing a rock to school in an effort to protect himself from bullying. Zach Williams had frequently been targeted by bullies at McEwan Middle School and after becoming frustrated by the ill treatment he was receiving from his peers, resorted […]

Child with autism put in trashcan by his teacher – w/video

Marietta, Georgia — A teacher from the Mt. Bethel Elementary School in Atlanta was charged last week with cruelty to children after she allegedly put a child with autism in a trash can. According to a report filed by the Cobb County Police, the incident happened after an after-school program, while the child was having a […]

New Jersey teacher fired for mistreating students with autism

Warren, NJ – Jennifer Filo, a tenured teacher with the Morris-Union Jointure Commission, was fired due to what officials called an extensive use corporal punishment. The ruling was upheld by state arbitrator Robert Simmelkjaer who, in a 44 page decision, says that Filo hit students, bent back their fingers, denied them breakfast, and encouraged students […]

Disturbing leaked photo of young boy with autism tied to a chair with his mouth taped shut sparks outrage

Saratov, Russia — A photo of a 10-year-old boy with autism who was tied to a chair with his mouth taped shut sparked widespread outrage on the social media. The photo, which was apparently taken during one of the child’s sessions at the Golden Key Center on Soviet Street in Saratov City, Russia, was posted […]

Teen admits to assaulting fellow student in school cafeteria – Update

Liberty, MI – A junior high student has recently admitted to physically assaulting a younger pupil in the Liberty Middle School cafeteria last month. We last reported on this story in February, our report can be read here. The youth, whose name has not been revealed publicly by law enforcement officials, had launched a vicious […]