Ambitious About Autism – “It is shocking that so many children with SEN are missing out on education”

The Department for Education released on July 30 the report:Permanent and Fixed Period Exclusions in England:2013 to 2014. The full report can be read here. On page five of the report it is reported that Special Educational Needs (SEN) pupils have the highest rate of permanent exclusion. Stats include: Pupils with special educational needs (SEN) (with […]

Girl with autism excluded from school as they fail to meet her special educational needs

Bangor, Northern Ireland, Kirstie Greer, 16 has not accessed education for 2 years. This is because no school can cater for her special needs. Kirstie was diagnosed with dyspraxia when aged 3 and with with autism at 13. The Belfast Telegraph states that Kirstie has been home-schooled for the past 2 years because there are […]

School backs the exclusion of boy with Aspergers Syndrome

Green Bay High School, Auckland – a 14 year old boy with Aspergers Syndrome was suspended from school following a dispute over a skateboard. Autism Daily Newscast reported on the story here. The incident happened on July 5. The family of Pupil A sought a judicial review at the High Court in Auckland and the […]

Student with Asperger’s excluded from school

Auckland, New Zealand, Green Bay High School – the family of a student with Asperger’s Syndrome will be seeking a judicial review in the High Court this week over their son’s exclusion from high school. The 3 News article states that a legal expert has said the boy has been treated unfairly and that the […]

UK Charity Ambitious about Autism – 4 in 10 children with autism are illegally excluded from school

The UK charity Ambitious about Autism – found in a recent survey of 500 families that 4 in 10 children had been formally and temporarily excluded from school, this is illegal. They have recently launched their ‘Ruled Out ‘ campaign that Autism Daily Newscast reported on and which you can read here. The charity found […]