Two men from Northern Ireland sport mohicans to raise money for Omagh Autism Club

Omagh, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland – Pete Breslin and brother-in-law Kevin McColgan are raising money for Omagh Autism Club by growing mohicans. The Ulster Herald reports that the two men have been sporting their mohicans since October and will continue to wear them until Autism Awareness Day in April. All the money raised by Pete […]

Update – Belfast mum’s fight to gain full time nursery placement for son with autism

Belfast – On July 9 we shared the story of how a Belfast mum had started an online petition in order to get her young son with autism full time hours at his specialist nursery. Mum sets up online petition after son with autism denied full time hours at specialist nursery Michelle Bailie who is […]

Autism Initiatives focuses on helping adults with autism

Derry, Northern Ireland — While a lot of centers are now starting to open their doors to help cater to the special needs of the growing number of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), the same can not be said for the adults dealing with the same developmental condition. But one organization based in Derry, Northern Ireland, […]

Northern Ireland – 1,300 children waiting to be diagnosed with autism

Northern Ireland, UK – The BBC has just learned that Northern Ireland has 1,300 children waiting to be diagnosed with autism. To make matters worse there is only one coordinator across the five health trusts. In a 2014 a health report released by the department of health, shows that the rate of autism has increased […]

Interview with Raymond Larmour – Part 2

Raymond and Ryan Larmour, Cookstown, Northern Ireland – This is part 2 of our interview with Raymond.  Part 1 can be found here. While talking to Raymond he explained to us that he likes to walk around the mountain where they live in Cookstown and that one day while out walking he thought of how […]

Acorns For Autism project provides safe haven for children with autism

Armagh, Northern Ireland – A specially designed outdoor space has been developed and created by a group of parents and is set to open in Armagh to provide families with children on the autistic spectrum a safe haven. Chairperson of Acorns for Autism, Helena Kearns has a son, Finlay 12 who is ultra-sensitive to noise, […]

Parent Louise 0’Neill Launches Petition ‘Provide the choice of ABA-based interventions for children with ASD in Northern Ireland.’

Louise O’Neil, Belfast, Northern Ireland – is mum to 3 children. Her youngest child Ryan 4 was diagnosed with autism in November 2012 aged 3. Louise told Autism Daily Newscast that this was the day that she grieved for her child’s future. However now she embraces the future and the progress that he has made. […]