Puppy love: Dating lesson for autistic teenagers

Fathoming the whims and wiles of the opposite sex is never easy for any adolescent boy, so spare a thought for autistic teenagers facing that same task, but, they can take heart with the help of a new technique. Joel Shaul, a specialist in mental health services for children and young people, has come up […]

Autism in Love

We all want to fall in love. We all want to find the one, settle down, have children and be happy. This can be a challenge for those of us with average intellectual, emotional capabilities and social skills. Imagine how much harder it is for those who lack the typical skills for developing social connections. […]

Sexuality and Autism

Most people tend to believe that those on the autism spectrum are neither interested in sex or active in sexually. This is false. Autistic people live a very normal life as far as physical factors are concerned. Marriage is not out of the question; nor is having children. The difficulties may be experienced more by the non autistic […]

Question – What do individuals with autism think about Valentine’s Day?

Saint Valentine’s Day – It is of course St Valentine’s Day tomorrow, Feb 14 and we thought that it would be an interesting  idea to reach out to the autism community over on Reddit. We asked the following question. ‘Romance is a weird thing for many on the spectrum but lots are looking for relationships. […]

Press Release – Dating & Disabilities: Easter Seals Love & Relationships Story Series Returns

Chicago, IL – Easter Seals’ “Love, Dating, Relationships and Disabilities” returns just in time for Valentine’s Day—featuring a new panel of experts enduring life’s most sincere moments.  The second annual digital series explores love in its many forms, with first-hand accounts from the frontlines of dating, marriage, intimacy and friendship, all with people living—and loving—with […]