Forward thinking parents who recognised the need for autism specific schools

There is a growing trend in the UK for building free schools for autism specific pupils. These schools are predominantly born from the community where they are built. Therefore parents with autistic children rallying together in a community group to birth a school for their kids. The thought was relatively unheard of in the 1970’s […]

Good luck Gina – walking and talking for autism

Last month we shared a story with you about acclaimed autism practitioner, Gina Davies who will be starting her Walking and talking Tour shortly. In just a week’s time, Gina will be walking the walk and talking the talk as she travels on foot from Wells to Canterbury, and along the route will volunteer her […]

New study further diminishes link between MMR and autism

Some parents still refuse to immunise their children with the MMR vaccine although there is little medical evidence to substantiate a link between the vaccine and autism. A study which has analysed 20,000 reports published between 2010 and 2013 has determined that there is nothing to vaccines and autism a finding Time magazine says “researchers […]

Maternal location of birth may be linked to autism new research suggests

Research published in the July edition Journal of Pediatrics suggests that maternal place of birth may be linked to autism. The research conducted by the UCLA Brain Institute analyzed medical records of mothers and their children diagnosed with autism between the ages of three and five in the state of  Los Angeles County between 1998-2009. […]

Recent study shows correlation between rise of ASD-related Internet searches and Autism

Philadelphia – A recent university study indicates that there is a sizeable and consistent increase of Internet searches pertaining to ASD during Autism Awareness Month. By utilizing Google application software, researchers at Drexel University were able to detect a correlation between the amount of Web searches containing the terms “autism” and “Asperger’s” throughout the month […]

Alex Lowery set to give motivational speech in Holywell, North Wales

Alex Lowery will be speaking at Capel Penbryn, Whitford Street, Holywell, Clwyd, CH8 7NN on the 29th July 2014. The event will start at 2p.m. All are welcome and there is no charge. A professional film maker will be coming along to make two films of Alex’s talks. Alex will be giving two speeches ‘Autism awareness’ in this […]

New study reveals two common environmental chemicals may impact autism development

Research conducted by Brown University in Rhode Island has isolated two common chemicals used in fire retardation and pesticides that are thought to contribute to the development of autism during Gestation. PCB’s (polychlorinated biphenyl, specifically PBDE-28) are thought to play a part in disrupting hormone pathways which are intrinsic in brain development in the developing embryo. The […]

Autism linked to salt in the nerves at birth

Scientists at the French National Institute for Health and Medical Research have found a tentative link between salt levels in neurons during birth and autism. The full article which appeared in The Independent on January 11, cites the research conducted by Dr Yehzeckel Ben-Ami and his team. They looked at the relationship between the love […]

Robot Rene can help diagnose autism quicker

Rene the robot can sing, dance an entertain. But scientists from Croatia have designed the little humanoid to do much more than just make a child giggle. The little robot comes armed with a camera and a microphone. Rene can monitor responses from the child and log the child’s eye contact. To a child with […]

The Agency to headline in Autism Wessex acoustic evening

Bornemouth UK- One of the South West’s best live bands The Agency is headlining an evening of music held in the 1812 Lounge bar in Bournemouth on February 6. The evening is organised by Autism Wessex. The agency are a soul and motown band, and the set promises a very enjoyable evening Andy Wilkinson, lead […]