UK Apprentice runner-up Katie Hopkins slurs Parents with Special Needs children

Ex UK Apprentice candidate and outspoken opinion blogger Katie Hopkins has enraged the Autism community with her latest dabble into blogging. Ms Hopkins, writing for the Huffington Post yesterday in a blog entitled “why must everything be a medical condition“, attempts to voice her concerns over over-diagnosis of ADHD and Autism, stating: “In many cases, […]

Derogatory lyric in Drake and J.Cole’s Jodeci Freestyle to be dubbed

We have been following developments on J.Cole and Drake’s single Jodeci Freestyle for a few weeks now, expecting news of the removal of the lyric which has caused explosions within the Autism Community. The song, released on Saturday June 22nd cause an uproar within the Autism Community, with numerous complaints online, in print and aired […]

HMV respond to Autism Campaigner’s plea to remove J.Cole and Drake single

We have been following with some enthusiasm Anna Kennedy OBE’s crusade to remove derogatory lyrics from the J.Cole and Drake single, Jodeci Freestyle. On July 19, Ms Kennedy shared with Autism Daily Newscast her letter to top British music retailer HMV, urging them to remove the single from their shelves. The reply from HMV Manager, […]

Jodeci Freestyle lyric petitioner voices concern to top UK music retailer HMV

  Tesco mother of the year, and newly honoured on the Queen’s honours list for her work and dedication in educating children with Autism, Anna Kennedy OBE tells Autism Daily Newscast of the next steps in the fight against rappers use of discriminatory language. On July 16, we reported Ms Kennedy had opened a petition voicing grave concerns […]

Petition seeks Apology from Most Influential Rapper for insults to Autism Community

Inflammatory lyrics by rappers Drake and J.Cole have caused outrage within the Autism community, initiating an online crusade by parents and supporters for a public apology, and removal of the offending phrase from the song. Jodeci Freestyle, released on Saturday June 22, and includes the lyrics: “I’m artistic, you n****s is autistic, retarded.” News of […]

Interview with Nicki Rodriguez-Holmes, co-founder of Spargoland hair and nail cutting salons for adults and children with developmental disabilities

Brentwood, Essex – Spargoland is a new charity that is aiming to build hair and nail cutting salons that are designed for both adults and children with developmental disabilities. The charity has been founded by Nicki Rodriguez-Holmes and owner of Brentwood’s Spargo Hairdressing, Ian Marshall. Nicki’s four-year-old son, Harrison, has autism, who she describes as […]

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Interview – Meet the new Young Patrons of Anna Kennedy Online

Anna Kennedy Online – is a UK based charity that promotes the inclusion and equality of children and adults with an autism spectrum condition (ASC) throughout society. The charity raises awareness of autism as well as supporting children, adults and families affected by autism. At their recent event, Autism’s Got Talent, that showcased the talents […]

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Support for individuals on the autism spectrum needed throughout the whole life cycle

As the mother of a child on the autistic spectrum, I have to say that I feel very well supported and that I have a wealth of information at my fingertips. I am also aware though that I have been extremely lucky at finding support and like-minded people who I can chat to. This isn’t […]

Anna Kennedy Online – dads, grandparents and individuals with autism needed for Wear it for Autism

Anna Kennedy Online – Nominations are currently open for Wear It For Autism, held by Anna Kennedy Online. You can nominate mums, dads, grandparents, children and carers, who have autism or care for someone on the spectrum. At present Anna told Autism Daily Newscast that they are low on nominations for dads, grandparents and individuals […]

Opinion – Katie Hopkins sinks to all time low in offensive tweets about young girl with autism

Katie Hopkins – On May 5 we reported on Katie Hopkin’s offensive tweets towards those with disabilities and autism, Update – Katie Hopkins causes outrage within autism community with offensive tweets. However, now she has sunk to an all time low. On Thursday night, May 14 she posted offensive tweets about a young girl with […]