Press Releases

We do consider publishing any Press Release that follows proper writing standards and relates to Autism, ADS, Asperger’s Syndrome and in some cases other special needs. Length should be between 300 – 500 words.

Cost for submission: $99

What you receive:

  • While we do not write press release, we can assist based on our experience what key words you should consider using.
  • A permanent listing that shows up under our headings of Press Releases.
  • One image or video is included in the price.
  • As a recognized Google News source anyone searching for news on autism and your other key words will see your announcement within hours in the top 10 listings on Google News.
  • Your press release will also be posted to our Facebook Page where we will take $10 of your fee to “boost” the post. (You are welcome to add funds to have a broader reach.)


We do not guarantee any click through but after the first week of posting, we will provide an estimate of how many unique visitors saw your press release via our news site. Stats on Facebook are public.

If the concept of Press Releases is new for you, we recommend reading this blog post from Hubspot.

Please send us a request using our contact form.