Lebanese Autism Society wins CMA CGM Corporate Foundation Award

Naila Saadé - Arwa El Amine - Jacques Saadé

Naila Saadé – Arwa El Amine – Jacques Saadé Courtesy of CMA CGM

Marseille, France — CMA CGM, the third largest shipping company in the world, has awarded its Annual CMA CGM Corporate Foundation Award to the Lebanese Autism Society (LAS) for the work it has done for children with autism not just in Lebanon, but throughout the Middle East. Ceremonies occurred yesterday in the CMA CGM Offices in Beirut.

The CMA CGM Corporate Foundation grants the award annually to recognize the works of humanitarian organizations for vulnerable children all over the world.

Each year, the group selects two awardees, one French and one Lebanese, to be given the prize. This year, the Lebanese Autism Society– which has made remarkable work in protecting the rights of children on the autism spectrum throughout the Middle East, as well as providing them with various programs that help dramatically

Naila Saadé - Arwa El Amine Courtesy of CMA CGM

Naila Saadé – Arwa El Amine Courtesy of CMA CGMimprove their situations– has been chosen by the CMA CGM Corporate Foundation.

CMA CGM Corporate Foundation for Childhood Chair Naïla Saadé told:

“We were deeply touched by the remarkable work conducted by the Lebanese Autism Society. Their field of intervention is wide and comprehensive through diagnosis and early intervention targeting young children; vocational training for a better social integration of young teenagers; and raising the population’s awareness on autism.”

Lebanese Autism SocietyThe Lebanese Autism Society was founded in 1999, and has since helped over 500 families through its diagnosis and early intervention center. Today, around 91 children benefit from the organization’s programs which include technical courses, school intervention programs and vocational training programs.


Source: The CMA CGM website:    The CMA CGM Corporate Foundation awards its 2014 Prize to the Lebanese Autism Society (LAS)

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