Freedom Wandering Prevention and Emergency Alert Watch – A Device That Gives You The True Sense Of Freedom

FreedomFreedom for normal people is enough in the form of the autonomy they have in doing their tasks. Having an elderly patient, a person with some serious medical condition or a child on the autism spectrum is a constant source of worry.  The current stats are that almost half of children with autism (particularly under the age of 7) are prone to wandering, bolting and or elopement.

Over the next few weeks Autism Daily Newscast will look at around a dozen different devices now on the market. While the list is more extensive, these have been targeted to be used with individuals who tend to wander or bolt.   We begin our tracker gadget reviews with a device that bears the name of “freedom”.

Lok8u has created a device and a system that could give you the freedom of mind even if you are responsible for a person who is inclined to wander. For example, autism is one condition where you wouldn’t want to leave your child alone because he or she is a child who wanders, bolts or has no sense of danger. The Freedom Wandering Prevention and Emergency Alert Watch from Lok8u may be a solution to handle these various scenarios.

Lok8u has made use of the modern technology and designed its product called Freedom to make things easier for families that have elderly people or children with autism. Patients of dementia can easily forget their way back home or start wandering in places they have never been and children on the scale may suddenly “disappear” for no apparent reason. That’s where Freedom does its work and this device, which comes in 3 different parts, helps families track their the lost person.

The equipment consists of 3 components where 2 major components are the watch and RF receiver. The RF receiver rests with the family or the carer whereas the watch is tied around the wrist of the child with autism. The device can be programmed to a specific range. As long as the  child stays within that specified range the carer will be able to track the child’s position normally and the watch will remain a watch.

However, as soon as the child or individual with autism goes past the specified range the watch converts into a tracking device and uses the GPS technology to track the location. The person with the mobile RF receiver can immediately locate the wandering or bolting child within seconds and go for recovery. The visual and alarm system on the device informs the carer any time a child goes out of the specified range. The third component of the system is a charger. Communication through messaging is allowed on the system and in addition to that, there is a panic button on the watch for emergency situations.

This is an affordable product listing at around $99 and the only drawback is for those who refuse to wear a watch.


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