Freedom Wandering Prevention and Emergency Alert Watch – A Device That Gives You The True Sense Of Freedom

Freedom for normal people is enough in the form of the autonomy they have in doing their tasks. Having an elderly patient, a person with some serious medical condition or a child on the autism spectrum is a constant source of worry.  The current stats are that almost half of children with autism (particularly under […]

Quick Trainer Device Shows Potential for Toilet Training Children with Autism

A new toilet training device developed by researchers at the University of Rochester in Rochester, New York shows potential in reducing the time it takes to toilet train children with autism. Called Quick Trainer, the device consists of a disposable, self-adhesive pad with a built-in sensor, an iPod, and a reusable Bluetooth transmitter. The child […]

Face Tracking Software using Google Glass may help people with Autism

As reported and explained on July 2th, Google Glass shows promise for many applications for those on the autism spectrum. People with autism may soon have a new tool to assist them with recognizing facial expressions. New face tracking software allows the user to point computerized eyewear at a person’s face and receive a single […]

Part II Preventing Autistic Loved Ones from Getting Lost: Kreyos Meteor

Samuel Kim, a 9 year old boy with autism from Los Angeles found in good condition.  Kim had only been missing for about 6 hours and this story has a happy ending.  As reported yesterday, more often than they should, these events end in tragedy. Many children and adults with autism have a tendency to walk […]

Tech Tools to Prevent the Autistic Loved Ones from Getting Lost: Nio System

Many new tech gadgets are being developed today that can address the risks to people with cognitive conditions who have a tendency to wander away and get lost.  In this two part series, we will look first at why new solutions for those that wander are needed and some new techie tools that might help. While perhaps not their […]

Doctor creates wristband that predicts outbursts in individuals with autism

Boston — Northeastern University’s Dr. Matthew Goodwin was happy to announce that a wristband designed specifically to help individuals with autism will likely be made available to the public in two to five years’ time. Dr. Goodwin’s lightweight wristband invention is capable of measuring its wearer’s surface skin temperature, heart rate, as well as amount […]

Hidden feature in Apple Watch discovered by deafblind woman

A deafblind woman who was born with Usher’s syndrome, discovered a usually overlooked feature in Apple’s recently released Apple Watch. Molly Watt, who has been a long-time iPhone user, said she ordered her Apple Watch in April, and discovered the smartwatch’s overlooked feature while she was trying to adjust its accessibility features. Molly found that […]

UBC student wins competition after developing anxiety-tracking device for those with autism

West Mall, BC – A UBC student has won a recent Global Impact competition for developing an anxiety-tracking device for those with autism spectrum disorder. Andrea Palmer, a mechanical engineering student, created Reveal in hopes of aiding both individuals with autism as well as their caregivers to effectively identify anxiety and thus prevent potential emotional […]

Review – fatframe, the child friendly iPad case – w/video

fatframe – is a children’s iPad protection system for those children with sensory needs. Founder Alison Nicholson originally created this child friendly case for her own two young special needs children – Hazel 7 and Guy 6. The business is family owned and run. Alison found from her own personal experience with her children that […]

My911 a solution to many security needs but not wandering

Security is an important concern for anyone.  However, getting security and help in the time of distress should be easy. My911 is the device that brings all the security needs in one place and comes out as a one-solution to all. Depending on the skills of a person with autism, it may be a choice […]