Pennsylvania – individuals with autism get tangled up in legal system

Pennsylvania, USA – State published data shows that people with autism get caught up in legal systems more frequently. The data was released on November 13th to the Pennsylvania Autism Census Project and showed that people with autism who had contact with criminal justice system rose from 659 per 10,000 in 2005 to 1,423 in […]

Update: Kansas lawmaker seeks to improve insurance coverage for autism treatment

Topeka, Kan. — Kansas Rep. John Rubin says that he would like to push for modifications in the bill he himself championed for the expansion of insurance coverage for autism treatment in the state. House Bill 2744, the law that mandates autism coverage of insurance companies in the state, was passed with a compromise between […]

Federal changes could harm residents with autism

Whitehouse, OH – Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced changes to it’s Home and Community-Based Services program in January that could hinder people with autism. The program gives waivers to people with disabilities on Medicaid so they can live at home or in a community rather then be institutionalized. But the new changes […]

The Department of Defense analyze their healthcare coverage for Autism

Washington, DC – The Department of Defense has hired Rand Corp to analyze it’s healthcare coverage of the autism therapy, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Recently Tricare, one of the healthcare providers for the armed forces, decided to make cuts in their reimbursement for ABA from $125 to just $68. This action was taken through The […]

Personal advocacy helps to create autism policy in Michigan

Michigan, Detroit – After years of legislative struggle to expand coverage for the care of children with autism in the state’s healthcare policy, advocates for better autism care in the state of Michigan found an ally in the person of Lt. Gov. Brian Calley. Calley is one of the very few legislators who was willing […]

Susan Atanus – The Republican who said autism was caused by wrath of God loses bid for Congress

Susan Atanus – This week Susan Atanus of the GPO Republican party lost her bid to enter Congress. Earlier this year in January, she told the Daily Herald newspaper that God put autism and dementia on earth as a form of punishment. She stated: “I am a conservative Republican and I believe in God first,” […]

JusticeforLB Campaign launch proposed Private Members Bill

We first reported on the tragic death of Connor Sparrowhawk back in Match this year, you can read our report here. Mr Sparrowhawk, 18 who had autism and epilepsy, drowned in the bath while staying in an NHS mental health treatment unit in Oxford. He was left unsupervised and had an epileptic seizure and drowned. […]

Prime Minister of Bangladesh vows to help people with autism

Dhaka, Bangladesh – Prime Minister Sheik Hasina sat with the health ministers of World Health Organization- South East Asia Region (WHO-SEARO) in a roundtable discussion on “Addressing Autism Through Partnership,” at the Sonargaon Hotel. In her speech reported by she was quoted as saying: “I am always with you. Those who suffer because of […]

Liberals Spend Millions of Anti-Bullying and Autism Funding On Legal Dispute With School Bus Companies

Toronto, Canada – The Ontario government has spent nearly 2 million dollars allocated by the Ministry of Education for autism awareness and anti-bullying program initiatives in order to help battle bus companies in court, according to recently released documents. With changes made to hiring processes that purportedly favour large school bus companies, smaller outfits have […]

Iraqi government fails to address rise in autism

Iraq – Al-Monitor reports that doctors have ‘limited capabilities when it comes to diagnosing autism or treating it properly.’ Dr. Khaldoun Hamid al-Hafiz, who is a pediatrician specialising in treating neurological disorders including autism said that this is an unfortunate reality and he’s currently trying to support efforts of local community centres in Baghdad that […]