Leo’s Childcare ‘aims to be the first non-profit childcare nursery in Yorkshire for children with autism’.

The lady behind the initiative is Allison Cuthbertson who set off on the journey of working with children with special educational needs over twenty years ago. Talking exclusively to Autism Daily Newscast, Allison explains, “I was lucky enough to be a stay at home mum when my children were little, but when they both were […]

Helping Individuals with Autism Communicate Using Sign Language

This is the first in a series about using sign language to  help individuals with autism communicate functionally. A characteristic feature of an autism diagnosis is impaired functional communication. Children with autism often develop language later and some do not develop language at all. Of those who do begin using verbal language, many fail to […]

Spectacular Bond – A New Parent-Led Autism Intervention

Spectacular Bond is a new program that eases the symptoms of autism by training parents to interact with their child differently. The program was created by two doctors from Columbia University , Dr. Marion Blank and Dr. Suzanne Goh, and Susan Deland, a parent of a child with autism. The program is outlined in their […]

How would you explain to a child that they have autism?

  How do you explain to your child that they are autistic? What is the ‘correct’ age and how should it be done? This is a subject that many parents have difficulty with, the knowing of ‘how’ and ‘when’ to tell your child. There are however resources and information available to help parents with these […]

Autistic boy with an IQ of 168 forced to go to a Special Needs school

Christian Farrington is seven years old, and has an IQ of 168. But according to Cambridgeshire Council in Great Britain he requires a special education because of his Autism. Christian could read a book aloud when he was 18 months old, and has the intellect and ability of a child of 15, but has high […]

Roses for Autism Trains Adults for Employment

Adults with autism face significant hurdles when looking for employment. Even those who are considered “high-functioning” have difficulty understanding the “soft skills” that help people navigate the social world of the workplace. Research shows that many adults with autism are unable to find or maintain employment, and are relegated to living with their parents and […]

Back to School: Autism and the Benefits of Visual Schedules

School has now started and children are adjusting to their new classrooms and new classroom routines for the past few weeks. This is an exciting and challenging time for all children. It may be particularly challenging for children on the autism spectrum. The American Autism Society reminds us: “Transitions are often difficult for individuals on […]

The RDI® Program for Social-Emotional Development

Relationship Development Intervention (RDI®) is a parent-led, home-based program developed by Dr. Steven Gutstein, a clinical psychologist from the Connections Center in Houston, Texas. The goal of RDI® is to help parents build a relationship with their child through a system of guided participation, which ultimately carries over into the child’s other relationships. Parents work […]

Helping Children with Autism Learn to Eat with Tom Caffrey

Tom Caffrey, M.Ed, BCBA, international trainer and speaker and founder and director of VBN Training, has created a series of video training modules to help parents and professionals overcome the daily behavioral challenges children with autism and their families face. As a parent of a child with autism, Caffrey understands these challenges firsthand. This is […]

Portland School Still Has Seclusion Room

Oregon State Representative Sarah Gelser says it’s “outrageous” that Pioneer School in Portland still has a seclusion room, in spite of a state law requiring they be removed by Sept. 1. Christine Miles, spokesperson for the school, admits that the room is still there, but claims that the school is awaiting guidance from the Oregon […]