Australian study finds autistic teens feel isolated

Autism Daily Newscast report earlier this month on a study published by Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) that found teens with autism are struggling to cope with school work, bullying, and mental health issues.  The last article focused on the challenges within the school system. This article looks at the broader issues of the study. The study called “We […]

Measuring how the autistic brain of 2 year olds responds to words predicts future abilities

Early intervention is important in the developmental strategies for those with autism, but why is it that the learning of one child may be significantly more or less than another. A new  research paper, published May 29 in the journal PLoS ONE, studied 24 –  2 year old children who had autism and 20 other […]

The Science Museum – Early Bird Autism Session

Autism Daily Newscast recently read a blog post by ‘Tincture Of Museum’ that was posted on twitter. The post was written by Claire, an ex-librarian, researcher and museum volunteer. She is also mum to three children aged nine, five and three. Her eldest daughter was diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder a year ago. Claire wrote […]

Kevin Healey on Reporting Impersonation Accounts on Twitter

We have reported several times about Kevin Healey, a leading autism campaigner who is fighting for laws to protect autistic individuals from cyber bullying and online hate crimes. He has successfully implemented a ten minute bill which will be happening at the end of this month in Parliament with regards to this matter. In August […]

Research Autism – UK Charity dedicated to research about autism interventions

Research Autism is the only UK charity that is exclusively dedicated to research into interventions in autism. ‘We carry out high quality, independent research into new and existing health, education, social and other interventions. Our goal is the improvement of quality of life and outlook for people on the autism spectrum and those around them.’ […]

Autistic boy’s mouth taped shut by teacher’s aid

News Brief – Albuquerque, New Mexico After three weeks administrative leave, one unpaid and a letter of reprimand, a teacher’s aid has returned to work. The incident occurred last month at Rio Grande High School in Albuquerque, according to KOB-TV The station reported that a 10th-grade student who has autism and uses a wheelchair was […]

Video to enhance social skills for autistic teens

Past studies have shown that the use of technology can assist in learning for individuals with autism. However, the use of video within a group setting had not previously been explored. Moreover, few interventions to help teenagers gain social skills have proven effective. Joshua Plavnick, assistant professor of special education at Michigan State University, and his […]

SEN Assist, Specialist Software for Children on the Autistic Spectrum

Adele Devine is a specialist teacher who works in an Autism specific school. As well as being co-founder with her husband Quentin of the Award Winning SEN Assist which offer products and resources for children with special educational needs. They are ‘a couple on a mission to help ALL students access an individual education and […]

Fears for education of Autistic children in Pembrokeshire, UK

There are fears that some children with suspected Autism are missing out on early intervention and specialist education because they are not being diagnosed early enough. The Hywel Dda health board in Pembrokeshire, Wales, have 340 children on their waiting lists to be assessed, and figures obtained by the BBC that out of the 4,000 […]

Anna Kennedy OBE, Autism Campaigner awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Professional Studies from Teesside University

Anna Kennedy OBE is a prominent autism campaigner, Tesco Mum of the Year, founder of two ASD specialist schools in the UK, author and mother of two young men on the autistic spectrum. Anna provides help, support and information through her various social media sites, website (Anna Kennedy Online), of which Kathy Lette, James Hobley […]