Video to enhance social skills for autistic teens

Past studies have shown that the use of technology can assist in learning for individuals with autism. However, the use of video within a group setting had not previously been explored. Moreover, few interventions to help teenagers gain social skills have proven effective. Joshua Plavnick, assistant professor of special education at Michigan State University, and his […]

SEN Assist, Specialist Software for Children on the Autistic Spectrum

Adele Devine is a specialist teacher who works in an Autism specific school. As well as being co-founder with her husband Quentin of the Award Winning SEN Assist which offer products and resources for children with special educational needs. They are ‘a couple on a mission to help ALL students access an individual education and […]

Fears for education of Autistic children in Pembrokeshire, UK

There are fears that some children with suspected Autism are missing out on early intervention and specialist education because they are not being diagnosed early enough. The Hywel Dda health board in Pembrokeshire, Wales, have 340 children on their waiting lists to be assessed, and figures obtained by the BBC that out of the 4,000 […]

Anna Kennedy OBE, Autism Campaigner awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Professional Studies from Teesside University

Anna Kennedy OBE is a prominent autism campaigner, Tesco Mum of the Year, founder of two ASD specialist schools in the UK, author and mother of two young men on the autistic spectrum. Anna provides help, support and information through her various social media sites, website (Anna Kennedy Online), of which Kathy Lette, James Hobley […]

In Canada, despite progressive programs, wait times continue to grow

In Canada, health and education are in provincial jurisdiction and The Province of Quebec has long been known to be a leader in social policies and health care in the country.  Canada as a whole has a history of favourable and universal coverage and is often held up as an example for other countries. However, in […]

Cerebra – Postal Book and Sensory Toy Lending Library Service

Founded in 2001, Cerebra is a unique national charity that strives to improve the lives of children with brain-related neurological conditions, through research, education and direct, on-going support. The charity helps children who have neurodevelopmental disorders and conditions, including Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). One service that they offer is a postal book and sensory toy […]

Cambridgeshire mothers struggle for Roo’s educational rights

  Most nine year olds are happily settling in to their first terms in their schools but not little Roo Leanne Riley from Creamfields Road, Walton Highway, she has been without a school for almost six months. Roo is diagnosed as having attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and is on the autism Spectrum disorder (ASD) and requires […]

The Conversation of Neurodiversity and Autism

Cornell University in New York recently posted an article that addressed the concerns related to the autistic population on campus. College students with autism have difficulties that set them apart from other students. The classroom environment can cause disruptions to their goals of learning and making friends. If a person with autism is not advanced […]

Leo’s Childcare ‘aims to be the first non-profit childcare nursery in Yorkshire for children with autism’.

The lady behind the initiative is Allison Cuthbertson who set off on the journey of working with children with special educational needs over twenty years ago. Talking exclusively to Autism Daily Newscast, Allison explains, “I was lucky enough to be a stay at home mum when my children were little, but when they both were […]

Helping Individuals with Autism Communicate Using Sign Language

This is the first in a series about using sign language to  help individuals with autism communicate functionally. A characteristic feature of an autism diagnosis is impaired functional communication. Children with autism often develop language later and some do not develop language at all. Of those who do begin using verbal language, many fail to […]